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    SET module developement issue?

    I'm trying to write a python module for SET and after some testing I found the following issue:
    I have a module that spawns a Thread for handling output from a subprocess that is called as soon as...
  2. Discussioni: Hole 196, again

    by qwattash

    Hole 196, again

    I know, this is and old topic... Not so new as WPS implementation flaw but still interesting! :D
    As far as I have understood, this vulnerability let an insider (someone who have the right creds)...
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    Riferimento: Re: BT5 on samsung galaxy s2 [gconf issues]

    Hi @anantshri,
    I confirm that your solution works perfectly!
    I used an img provided by zenful (here) and there're many things working!
    People out there, what have you made working??
  4. Riferimento: Wicd fails to get IP from wifi router - Unable to connect to Wifi

    :mad:I have this issue too.:mad:
    It happens both with WEP and OPEN APs. I'm using an rtl8187 wifi card and a zd1211rw and both have issues in getting an IP address.
    This is what I have observed:...
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    Riferimento: BT5 on samsung galaxy s2 [gconf issues]

    Premising that I still cannot do any test because my S2 hasn't arrived yet, try looking at this.

    It seems to be related to a specified user, maybe you can try log in with ssh and create a new...
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    Riferimento: Can some router prevent arp spoofing ?

    As far as I've tested MITM with ettercap I've never found an home router that prevented ARP spoofing, however I haven't a broad experience 'cause I'm only an amateur (forgive me for my bad english...
  7. Zydas zd1211rw SIOCSIFFLAGS : No such file or directory error!

    Zydas 1211 chipset with zd1211 driver throws a 'SIOCSIFFLAGS : No such file or directory' error in ifconfig <interface> up.
    Or an error similar to this in dmesg:
    usb 1-1: Could not load firmware...
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