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    Graphics on Macbook pro

    Hi running a harddrive install of backtrack 32bit gnome on my macbook pro 7.1 with Intel HD graphics/NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M.

    I manege to run startx but the screen is set to the resolution 800x600...
  2. Re: startx gets black screen after intalled NVIDIA driver

    Im having the same problem with my macbook pro 7.1, which also has double graphic cards (Intel Graphics/Nvidia).

    Have been looking for a solution to this for a while now.
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    I have the Intel 830MG 8mb/48mb shared Graphics
    every thing works fine, but i canīt get the screen to work.

    it do wok if i put in an external screen into my laptop fujitsu s 6010

    pls help
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