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  1. Re: Fine with linux, new to network security (Looking for tutorials?)

    Yeh, I use mostly CrunchBang Statler (alpha 2) which just switched from Ubuntu based to straight Debian based - I'm down with the sudo aptitude upgrade ;-)

    Thanks for the pointers - I'll do that...
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    Re: Dual Booting Win 7 and BT4Final without GRUB

    You could always try LILO... did bt4f come with grub (legacy) or grub2?

    Also, you're installing windows first, *then* bt, right? (duh, otherwise you wouldn't get grub errors - sorry)

    Have you...
  3. Fine with linux, new to network security (Looking for tutorials?)

    So I'm not new to linux (though I am new to .rpm distros.... I prefer debian or arch. Whatever.) and know a bit of coding - enough to recognize things at least, and do a bit of html, c/c++, and...
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    Looking for a book...

    So I'm not so new to Linux, but I am new to backtrack (at least it's deb so I can has apt! yay!)

    Anyway, I know there is so much information on the net about everything I need to know (I love the...
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