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    Re: Android Wireless Tether ( ad-hoc )

    mine says resource busy :/
  2. Wireless Fujitsu launch manager - no physical switch - how to activate

    Fujitsu launch manger is needed in windows to start your wireless card on a fujitsu siemens amilo Li2727 and this is the onlt way ive found to make it work :) finally

    might work on other laptops...
  3. Beginners Bible - Basic Commands I've Used - hopefully will update as i progress

    so the story goes, i went in BT5 hardcore and used it as my main OS after 10 mins using the usb version on 2 laptops and i love it.
    but... as we all know, the first "hello" from pure windows to...
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    AR5007EG - Fujitsu Siemens Wireless Start Fix

    im hoping this can eventuly become a fix :)

    i have the Ar5007EG wireless card and i have spent nights looking at drivers, madwifi, ndswrapper and so on...
    my problem is on my laptop in windows...
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    Backtrack 5 - Xperia X10

    i take no credit for this but i do try help anantshri with anything he needs as i own an x10

    however i have started this topic (or are...
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