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  1. Discussioni: I did it! / WiFi

    by weephatz

    Re: I did it! / WiFi

    Whats happening when you try to connect wirelessly? You would need to run '/etc/init.d/wicd start' from a terminal to turn on the wicd wifi manager. Once the WICD manager is open, you need to click...
  2. Re: how to connect internet using mobile (local mobile service provider)

    Really depends on the type of mobile you are using. If you have wifi capability on your mobile, the first step would be to setup a an ad-hoc network on your linux machine. In Terminal, you can setup...
  3. Replies

    Re: iPhone 3gs tethering on BT4 final request

    Can be done via wireless, i know thats not exactly what you asked for, but its one option. I'll have a go over usb and bluetooth and let you know if I get anywhere. Meanwhile this might help:
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