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    Re: My first real script..

    Well, is there any chance you feel like sharking your script for testing or feedback?
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    Re: Another script for sidejacking..

    Im attempting too run this on BT4-R2. I get this error doing it both "bash" and "./"

    just reporting, im sorry if the answer is simple and beyond my grasp.
  3. Re: Script for sniffing passwords and data on lan/wlan using ettercap, sslstrip, urls

    Are you maybe just double clicking on the .sh file? because if you do that, it will do as you described. Open a terminal and execute it with ./ or else right click on it, and within the...
  4. Re: Workaround: BT4-r1 lacks 1024x600 Resolution support for Intel Integrated Graphic

    Does all of this still apply the same to bt4-r2?

    edit: intel gma 3150, bt4-r2 I was able to simply edit my xorg.config
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