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  1. Re: Installing and Using Nessus 4.2.2: The Basics Part 1

    Yeea i like you tutorial.
    i ave on question. i have set up nessus and its up and running.
    i have took a complete scan on my lan network with five computer.
    so after 5 hours i have no conclusion....
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    Re: Script 4 AV bypass meterpreters

    awesome script i like that.
    i have playing aroung with av evasion on metasploit for some month.
    but i dont get my file detected under 5 av products. i dont know why.
    i have testes out many...
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    hello backtrack community...
    i hope i learn much more about backtrack. i used backtrack since a year and its a fantastic "tool" to get into the world of security.

  4. Re: Spawning Meterpreter Session from a Meterpreter Session

    for some reasons its good to take a netcat out.
    with this you can quickly run a remote-shell..

    but you have to upload your file to the machine.
    i think fot quick checks it is ok to use netcat..
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    Re: Need help with connecting wireless card

    check out your wireless interface:
    run console and type iwconfig.
    when you see your interface it is up and running.
    the name of my is wlan0.

    use sudo wicd and configure your connection.
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