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    SQLNina Config question

    Does SQLNinja no longer create conf files? I've tried removing my conf file and running ./sqlninja -m test to try and initialize the wizard, but I just keep getting an error that says "sqlninja.conf...
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    Re: The best way to learn backtrack

    I second that. The Metasploit book is fantastic.
  3. Re: Virtual Machine Bridged IP - Mac OSX Wireless - BT5

    James -- You're saying that you are able to resolve an IP address when using a Bridged connection to your WIRELESS card? Is this on a laptop or desktop? I can establish an IP only when connected to...
  4. Virtual Machine Bridged IP - Mac OSX Wireless - BT5

    Has anyone been able to successfully configure a bridged network connection (either Parallels or VMware) in Mac OSX using the wireless network adapter? Using shared (nat) works fine, but bridged...
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