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  1. Pen test on windows 2003,windows 2008,Windows vista, windows 2007


    I would like to if somebody has done any pen test against windows 2003 server, windows 2008 server, windows vista or windows 2007 operating systems using metasploit or any other tool.
  2. Dear all, Thanks for reply, As soon as i...

    Dear all,

    Thanks for reply,
    As soon as i shutdown sslstrip i get the authentication prompt for squid proxy and i will be able to browse (but no ssl username and passwords).
    From ettercap i am...
  3. sslstrip & ettercap when squid authentication is enabled


    Is it possible to get SSL passwords (yahoo, gmail,hotmail etc) when the traffic is through a authenticated proxy (squid with NTLM auth)?.
    My test network setup.
    victim - (...
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