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  1. Re: [GUIDE] Loading the i915 driver in the 3.2.6 kernel without adding unsupported PP

    After two days of unsupported packet installing and kernel recompiling resulting in a complete updating and versioning hell I stumbled into this thread.

    I wanted to thank you guys for helping me...
  2. Re: "Bad return stat" error when trying to install easy-slow-down-manager / samsung-t

    thank you for the help!

    I have two choices: wheter installing the deb package, and in that case the package installs but all of the other samsung packages (samsung-backlight and samsung-tools)...
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    Re: Error Resizing Partition/Installing BT5

    ntfsresize v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)
    ERROR(95): Opening '/dev/sdb3' as NTFS failed: Operation not supported
    The NTFS journal file is unclean. Please shutdown Windows properly before
    using this...
  4. "Bad return stat" error when trying to install easy-slow-down-manager / samsung-tools

    Ok so i'm trying to set up a smooth backtrack 5 R1 with KDE on a Samsung N150 netbook (HardDisk installation).
    I'm actually running BTR1 64-bit and anything is working fine OOB apart of the...
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