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    Re: Advanced antivirus evasion techniques

    I was trying to add the bytes to the text section because, like a monkey with a machinegun, I don't really know what I'm doing yet. I've never tried to modify an executable before, nor have I ever...
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    Advanced antivirus evasion techniques

    I've been learning all kinds of things I thought I'd never be able to do in the last few weeks, thanks to the inspiration BackTrack has given me to explore security issues. I learned how to write a...
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    Re: Is this a valid WEP key

    Looks valid to me. He's probably using WEP with Open Authentication.
    Here's an example of how to connect to it if DHCP is not working quite right.

    ifconfig (wireless interface) up
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    Re: Ettercap No https password SSL ?

    To get the passwords of a user going to an https site, you need to get around that SSL encryption.

    There's an app for that. It's called sslstrip, and it's included in backtrack.
    Also, as a...
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    Re: Backtrack won't boot!!!

    I had great success with "LiLi" Linux Live Disk Creator or something similarly Google-able. Made a persistent USB. Can even boot it inside Windows with VirtualBox if you choose that extra option.
  6. Re: SET java applet attack vector not working correctly

    I've seen a similar problem before, and while I'm not 100% sure why this worked, I cleared the clients temp folders, browsing history, and Java cache.

    I then rebooted the boxes and tried the...
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    Re: how to force clients to connect to fake ap

    This forum has helped me out before, so I'll give it my best to return the favor.

    Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm definitely not an expert on airbase-ng, but what I've gathered...
  8. What the...

    I finally got time to try the attacks again, and they worked without problems. I rebooted both the "attack" and the "victim" and tried again, and again it worked.

    I honestly don't have a clue why...
  9. Java payload problems with WEP, but not WPA2?

    When trying a cloned website attack using S.E.T. with the Java Applet method and Ettercap on my network with WPA2 encryption set, everything works without a hitch. Sessions made easy.

    When trying...
  10. Problem solved

    Phew. After spending most of the day troubleshooting and manually launching attacks on my real AP, and then on my softAP I finally figured out the discrepancy.

    A before and after
  11. Re: SoftAP with DNS spoofing. Ettercap kills connectivity?

    Thanks a million Killa :) As you can no doubt tell by my clumsy scripting, I am -very- new to this. I'm surprised I've got it working as well as it is. Not entirely sure on how to automate SET into...
  12. Re: SoftAP with DNS spoofing. Ettercap kills connectivity?

    I have previously used Ettercap to successfully spoof Facebook on the same laptop that is wirelessly connected to the real AP with eth0 as my "attack box" interface with:

    ettercap -i eth0 -T -q...
  13. SoftAP with DNS spoofing. Ettercap kills connectivity?

    So I gave up trying to get other peoples SoftAP scripts working, and I decided to write my own. I've got the base functionality working near perfectly now, and even added SSLstrip capabilities, but...
  14. Problem solved

    Well, it took long enough, but I've finally figured out the problem. For some odd reason, I have to set my system time 5 hours into the future for TOR to work. I suspect that my time is being...
  15. Tor + Privoxy + Torbutton / Tor + Polipo + Torbutton configuration nightmare.

    Alright, I'm new to Backtrack, and Linux in general. However, I've google'd until my eyes bled, read the FAQ and rules, and can't seem to get this problem solved.

    All I seem to get out of TOR with...
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