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  1. BT5 after reboot or shut down stalls on black screen after "startx".

    Hey all

    So i have a Win 7 Ultimate x64 machine. I have installed VMware and download BT5 vmware image.

    Upon unpacking the .zip file and booting up the image everything works fine. I can use...
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    How did you configure backtrack with your...

    How did you configure backtrack with your WMP54G???? Where did you download the drivers?
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    I reposted a new thread with my latest problems...

    I reposted a new thread with my latest problems (maybe i still need to install it correctly but i am not sure)

    any help will be great.

  4. installed on external HDD but computer restarts when GRUB is loading..any ideas why??

    Hi everyone,

    I've finally got BT 3 installed on my external 80gb hard drive. I am having a problem with the GRUB loader. Everytime i start my computer up with the BIOS set as USB and the computer...
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    Installing BT 3 on USB external HDD(never works)

    Hi everyone,

    For the past 4 days I have been trying to install BT 3 on my 80GB USB external hard drive.

    I have followed many different instructions on how to do it. I have reformatted the...
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