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  1. I am trying to use my own kernel with the...

    I am trying to use my own kernel with the USB-Version of Backtrack because my PCI-Card is not supported by the old kernel.
    The error appears when it trys to extrac the live-direcorys and files. Then...
  2. Backtrack 3 Live-CD / USB - Own Kernel and Modules

    Hi Guys.
    I have got a problem:

    I made my own 2.6.27-rc8 Kernel including Intel 5100 injection drivers.
    Also there are many modules. (Made it with a Virtual Machine)

    Everything works perfectly...
  3. How to insert my drivers to Backtrack 3 with the kernel?

    Hi Guys.
    I want to use a Intel Wifi-Link 5100 for Aircrack-ng and so on.
    Right now i found out, that i have to use backtrack 3 instead of XP.
    After downloading Backtrack 3 i found out, that i need...
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