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  1. Riferimento: Re: How can I install flash player on Backtrack 5 gnome 64 bit?

    this guide does not work
    both "wget" files are broke
    why dont someone just tell us how to goto adobe and find these files so we dont have to do this ****
    what do you click on at to find...
  2. BT5 + ARM + Droid-X MB810 + usb wifi adapter + comapt-wireless

    im currently running latest CM4DX GB on my rooted Droid-X
    i have been reading a little about chroot and arm linux distros.

    first i like to say no BT5R1 for arm?
    what a bummer.

    to get my usb...
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    Re: BT5 Android Installation

    with a usb wifi adapter hooked up to the phone?
    so his Q still stands
  4. WUSB600N v2 (RT3572) Monitor Mode && Packet Injection

    ok guys you can get it working by following my step by steps

    Ok now that we got all that out of the way let me just tell you what to do because between all those guides well unless you are...
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    Re: Riferimento: Linksys AE1000 support in BT5

    i also have wusb600n v2
    i think its the RT3572 chipset.

    i have been reading and reading for the past 4 days SOLID trying to get this working
    i have install ubuntu 9.10 to follow GUIDES from a...
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    Re: Latest on gpu cracking?

    i have a 955BE oc to 3.6ghz and (2) 5870`s in crossfire.

    i am also wondering what you just asked.
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