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  1. EDIT2: If i try to get my adapter 'up' by...

    EDIT2: If i try to get my adapter 'up' by 'ifconfig eth0 up' it says:
    'SIOCSIFFLAGS: Invalid Argument'??
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    Wireless adapter configuration

    Hi there,
    I got Backtrack 2.0 FINAL up and running, but, how to get my wireless card up and running? I've got a Broadcom 4318.. That's a 'eth0' interface right? I also can't get Kismet running..
  3. Backtrack 2.0 FINAL USB boot problems 'Fatal error'

    I just installed BT 2.0 final on my USB flash drive, made it bootable and plugged it in my HP Pavilion dv1000 with a D-Link AirPlusG-650+ (I orderd a Ahteros card so dont worry ;-)). I start...
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