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    Re: Belkin F5D7050B backtrack 4 help

    in vmware did you connect it to bt? (using for example the drop down bar you get from vmware tools if you are in full screen mode) and load the drivers manually?
    For my wn111v2 i need to execute...
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    Need some help cleaning up my script!

    Hi all,

    Im pretty new to scripting in linux, and i started making my own script for wep cracking. Thing is i ran across a few problems.

    this is my script so far:

    echo -n...
  3. Re: Script for sniffing passwords and data on lan/wlan using ettercap, sslstrip, urls

    A tip if you get acces denied when trying the ./ command,
    use this command: chmod 755
    and then try ./ again, should work this time!
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