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    ARP MITM attack on external network

    Hello everyone,

    First I am new to most of this and am stepping into a newer area. I don't claim to be smart or brilliant on any of this. Just willing to learn and become a student of the trade. My...
  2. Discussioni: Alfa TX Power Script

    by BTHobby

    Re: Alfa TX Power Script

    Well said @Scamentology .... who cares how someone wrote a script so long it works... at the least your script has some logic to it. You did a good thing here. Let's all grow and work together people.
  3. KISMET with HUB and Multi-Channel WiFi Adapters (20 mhz BW - Freq Overlap)

    I am currently setting up a lab and building a few testing tools, one of which is a box running KISMET and a few custom scripts.

    I haven't had a chance to take a look at the config files in a...
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