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    Got another idea:

    I will read "The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide".


    Must excuse.
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    What, if I get the sources and compile a lodable kernel module from it?

    Would this be possible?

    All necessary runtime libraries would be statically linked into this module.
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    LKL as pe or loadable kernel module?


    In one of my posts I was talking about keylogging and monitoring.

    After I have found the lkl i would like to know, if it could be possible to use this thing like a loadable module.
  4. You are straight edge?

    because of Your avatar.

    So, I thought about performance-issues regarding the disassembly of each active thread.

    And it seems, I was right.

    What about this: Getting the active thread,...
  5. Yes.

    It just interests me, what opcodes are working in the background.

    I would try to code this by myself, so that I would see tha active thread of the actual process by name and number and the...
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    The dev urandom thing is ugly, my frţend.

    I do not want useless things to be presented on the screen.

    But, You are seeing patterns in random output. Sounds funny.

    And, i am programming, too....
  7. So

    first, because it looks great.

    And the second reason is, to get familiar with system-monitoring

    Perhaps I will write a system-monitor by myself, some time later.

    Who konws.

    The sources of...
  8. I thought of that

    too. lkl.

    But could not get the info, whether it will capture gui strokes.

    It captures the keyboard 0X60 interrupt , if i remember right now, and therefore i thought, a simple console without...
  9. I know

    I saw a movie, where a freak did that.

    I was interested in that.

    Especially all dissassembly-information running over the screen.
  10. You obsiously know

    the widgets, which You can activate.

    I would like to extend the functionality.

    I do not only want to monitor my cpu and memory and network and hd usage.

    I would like to monitor everything,...
  11. Just interested in this: monitoring and logging local keystrokes


    Does BT2 or BT3 provide a programm, which is able to log all my GUI-keystrokes into a file?

    Of all UI programms ( I use kde by typing startx ).

    Thanks in advance.
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    very much.
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    Why no more slax -based?

    Excuse me, please.

    I just wanted to know, what kind of advantages / arguments brought You to the decision to drop the slackware-based kernel and to take the debian ( I think, was it the debian?...
  14. Discussioni: New GPU tools.

    by me-$-on


    Someone heard me and appreciated my idea.

    Streaker69 was crying all the time.
  15. Sorry, double posted. like building Keikiriki...

    Sorry, double posted.

    like building Keikiriki or similar stuff.

    But a real need is not present, obviously.
  16. Oh, yes

    that's completely right.

    A Laptop is better for only collecting those things, which have to be encrypted.


    And what about an microcontroller simulation tool?
    You know, what I...
  17. Ok, just wanted to be up to date.

    I imagined, this ideas were already mentioned, but I suppose, this is a "request for features" thread, which servers the purpose to collect the election of other users.

    And if this topic exists...
  18. Brute force / encrypting tool, which offers using ALL cpu's/gpu's ?

    Yes, that's,what I was thinking of.
    I forgot the name of such a thing, it is called gpu, I think, but I am not sure.

    However, whith this peace of software it is possible to configure all...
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    Sticky: UBIQUITY : What about the SR71C ?

    Hello. I wanted to ask, whether anybody have made experience with the SR71C from Ubiquity?

    It is not posted in the database, but the product page says, it is easily usable with linux.

    Will it...
  20. I must excuse.

    I did not know, that this is a hot topic in the irc ( I have never been in the backtrack irc ( please don't ban me) since I was using backtrack.

    So , sorry for being insulting.

    (perhaps I...
  21. How to get information about the launchdate of bt4 final?

    Hello.... this question is for the developers among remote exploit.

    How long will it approximately take, until back track 4 final is available?

    THX in advance.
  22. Sorry, was away for a long time.

    ok, thanks, let me say, every foreign open ap is not accessible, after I used macchanger.

    I will try to use Your tip.... but:

    I start my backtrack ( now it is bt3f) with plugged in card and...
  23. Watch out:

    My configuration :

    A Master-HD on IDE-0 and a slave CD-ROM on IDE-0.
    A Master DVD on IDE-1.

    I removed the slave drive from the cable and all worked fine.
    Until now......only one error...
  24. All of this things is done already,

    it may sound like as if I am not so experienced to linux ( because of some other htreads ) but the fu ... ing boot processs kept me struggling for several times, as I remember, this is my 12th...
  25. Ok, thanks

    but usually I thought, I know very well about the boot process....
    It ssems, as if it is a hardware failure..... and not an installation error......
    today I will reinstall lilo in the boot sector...
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