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  1. Discussioni: Firmware Bug, ACPI

    by RichardL

    Firmware Bug, ACPI

    Hello people I have this bug:

    Im running it from a 16 Gb USB in Persistent mode. I tried the parameter above and didn┤t work, not sure if I made it right.


  2. Re: Booting Error -USB Drive Install -Looping Error After First Boot

    That happened to me once, I restarted the Pc and it booted normally... Try rebooting 2 more times
  3. Backtrack 5 R2 booting on Usb 16GB, insufficient memory[SOLVED]

    Hi peeps,

    I'm here on the forums because I couldnt solve my problem looking on the net. I bought a 16 Gb USB and installed Backtrack 5 R2 on it with Unetbootin. The problem is when I try to...
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