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  1. Re: Getting BROADCOM Wireless to work in BackTrack 5 R3 Gnome 64bit

    i had similar problem installing rtl8191se
    downloaded dvrs from realtek for the compatible kernel
    then use code below to get kernel headers

    # prepare-kernel-source

    then say #ifconfig...
  2. Re: Backtrack 5 R3 Live Cd - blank screen after startx (Intel Graphics)

    getting the same problem on my hcl me xite l55 laptop.
    i have installed the distro on my laptop and have been able to successfully install my rtl8191se wireless adapter on the system.
    but after an...
  3. Discussioni: Official hello thread

    by haxpak

    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    hi this is my first post to the forum.

    fairly new to linux, as i would say. using it after 8 long yrs. things have gone scalably up!

    well CHEERZ
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