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    Deleted BT partition...Grub rescue?

    Regrettably, I am coming to this forum after several hours of research.

    Here's the skinny;

    Following the BT wiki, I dual booted Win Vista and BT 5r3. After some time, I was unable to boot into...
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    Re: BURG monumental mistake.

    I see. That is good to know for future reference if needed.

    Thank you all for the help. If any of you DO by chance know of a free product that is not BURG or grub-customizer that can make the...
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    Re: BURG monumental mistake.

    thanks for your response.

    I had already tried that option, but no luck.

    I did, however, fix my problem. Ended up booting with the Live CD, opening a terminal and entering

    fdisk -l
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    BURG monumental mistake.

    Well, here I am again. This time I have an unfortunately serious question.

    I am currently dual-booted (vista/btr3) to my main machine, which, might I add, I use for my job.

    Anyway, I wanted my...
  5. BackTrack 5r3 Dual Monitor/NVIDIA install problems? Tutorial.

    I am writing this tutorial for any of you out there who had the same frustrating experience that I did trying to set up dual monitors on BackTrack 5r3 with NVIDIA graphic cards.

    If you are new to...
  6. Re: BT 5 R2 Dual Monitors with HP Elitebook 8560w Issues

    I realize this post was made some time ago, but I am hoping you have found the fix.

    On BT5r3 myself, using a HP Latptop. I have a Dell monitor attached to my 15 prong and still, regrettably,...
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