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  1. nvm figured it out.

    figured it out.
    you have to enclose just the part with the space in quotes:

    reg setval -k HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\"Windows NT"\\CurrentVersion\\Winlogon\\SpecialAccounts\\userlist -v fred -d...
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    I prefer a Biquad + dish - it's almost 20 bdi!...

    I prefer a Biquad + dish - it's almost 20 bdi! and you can make it yourself easily.

    how to make it: ht tp://ww w.trevormarshall.c om/ m
    detailed biquad construction: htt p://martybugs.n...
  3. metasploit meterpreter registry space problem

    So I've played around with metasploit for a while now, pentesting my own network. One problem: Once I have successfully gotten a meterpreter shell, I cannot figure out how to correctly modify/add a...
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