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    backtrack 5 r3 loses wifi connection after 1min

    hi i have a backtrack 5 r3 running on vmware fusion. im using a alfa usb modem. and after connect to the wifi between 60 sec and 2minute the connection goes and it always says network down. it...
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    Alfa awus036h network problem please help!!

    hi I have just bought a alfa awus036h router for backtrack I was trying to connect to the Internet but haven't had any success, I done the networking start command and the wicd start command and I...
  3. Re: AWUS036H connected to ap but web surfing not working

    hey i have a new alfa awus036h, just got it yesterday, i tried to connect and everthing, i opened up wicd manager and tried to connect to my access point, after saying validating authentication it...
  4. alfa awus036H not connecting to internet, please someone help!!

    hi i just bought my alfa AWUS036H chipset RTL8187, i tried doing the networking start command but it gives me quite a lot of errors. can someone help me with this problem please, also i have the wicd...
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