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  1. Re: ALFA AWUS036NHR - chip RTL8188RU - compat-wireless driver rtl8192cu

    I bought Alfa AWUS036NHR few weeks ago and works "plug and play" on bt5_r3. I'm using BT5 R3 64bit_KDE in HDD and W8 vmware. I tried to crack my router but no luck. I tried crack other routers with...
  2. D-link dwa 160 rev. 2b adapter does not work on BT5 R2?


    Few days ago I bought wifi usb adapter D-link DWA 160 (rev. 2b.) I tried to load bt5 r2 and saw that adapter doest work. command lsusb shows adapter but does not work (on W7 works...
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