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    setting screen resolution to persistant

    Hi ,

    I've just made a persistent install of Backtrack four and was just wondering how to set the screen resolution to the one I'm using but have Backtrack boot into it when i re-start?

  2. Re: bt4-final Installation Fails at Grub Install (94%)

    this is a ubiquity bug that needs to be patched/updated by the developers of backtrack4 as ubiquity itself has already been updated ...
  3. Re: ubiquity bug causing crash when installing onto HDD or USB

    Oh. That kind of sucks. The not knowing if it warrants a fix or not part that is. Would it be possible to make a "backtrack" like distro by using JeOS and backtrack4's repository list? Cause it's the...
  4. ubiquity bug causing crash when installing onto HDD or USB

    This bug : is causing crashes when trying to use ubiquity to install to media. Apparently it's been patched. Can someone tell me how to...
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    Sticky: Re: BackTrack 4 Persistent USB Install Video

    Hi ,

    I tried this method twice and have gotten the same result :

    rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes [sender]: Broken pipe (32)
    rsync: write failed on...
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    Re: Backtrack 4 Final Persistent USB ***Easiest Way***

    So how are we supposed to use this script? I saved it as a text file on my desktop and tried to run it and nothing happened. I also tried saving it as a .sh file and nothing happened either,,
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    problems pen-testing WEP on the ASUS 701


    I've been playing around with the suite of aircrack-ng tools that come with the Back|Track 4 distribution lately and have stumbled upon a bit of a snag.

    I'm running an Asus EEE 701 4g. It...
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