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  1. Re: [UNSOLVED] Realtek RTL8187 Wireless adapter finds no signal

    Go into the WICD manager and set the wireless connection to "Wlan0" or "Wlan1". What I mean is whatever one it's on, change it to the other, worked for me.
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    Alfa rtl8187 working only in monitor mode.

    Hello all- My Alpha rtl8187 card only appears to work in monitor mode. It does not appear to be working in the wireless manager and I cannot connect to the internet? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Re: iwlagn and rtl8187 problems (since the past ten days now).. =(

    I am having a similar issue with RTL8187 in a Alfa card. I am able to go into monitor mode as well. When I try to access connections through the wireless manager I get no results?
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