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  1. AIR uses dc3dd 7.0.0 which is not supported in AIR2.0

    While trying our AIR I noticed the error:
    [[!!] unrecognized option status=noxfer]

    When I deselected the default:
    tick mark, AIR works perfectly.

    I researched this at:...
  2. Are their any tools for auditing ntds.dit/system hive?

    I need to audit our domain passwords. I have the ntds.dit and system hive. Though I can use PRTK/DNA for this, I wanted to know are their any tools on backtrack 4 that can do this?
    Also, are their...
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    Selection bar not visible

    I just downloaded the Pre final, and booted it with a Dell Latitude D830.
    I am not sure what to expect, but the menu bar that moves when you use an arrow key is not visible at all. It seems to be...
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