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    No packets for airpwn

    I'm having the same issue: airpwn starts just fine, but doesn't seem to see any packets.
    The Setup:
    I'm connecting to an open network (my own) with my laptop. I have BackTrack 3 (Final) running on...
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    Fluxbox "Regen Menu" option / Lost menu

    Hello, all.
    This is for users who 1) are using BackTrack in a read-write mode (ie. hard disk installation), 2) use fluxbox for the window manager, and 3) have clicked the "Regen Menu" option from...
  3. Sticky: No router assosiation or arp packets

    Having the same problem; No arp packets. Also, airodump-ng doesn't even show me as being associated with my router. Note that the fake auth works fine, and I do get the "Association successful"...
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