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    Sticky: Riferimento: Official hello thread

    Hi, just installed the OS and got my first password(from my house wifi)!!!
    Incoming problems...I'm here for you...
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    Riferimento: wireless card problems

    Also I had the same problem with an atheros card(don't remember exactly the name) and I solved by installing the bt4 r1 instead of the prevoius release.

    Hope this could help you, good luck!
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    First I tried with apt-get ugrate to see what could happen...but all went I decided to upgrate the kernel but with no result at all...
    Then, and I was really desperate at this...
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    Hi, I install bt4 from usb and everything went just fine...until I discovered that the wirless wasn't working...

    I tried to find the drivers but Acer seems not to make unix drivers for Athlon...
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