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    wow, I totally embraced my self. hawking hwug1

    Well, my nice hello post and ext. :P yeeea

    Anyhew! I bought a hawking hwug1 to run airmon-ng and I never took the time to notice, very few cards support that? yet I can still use this card...
  2. Sticky: Re: If you are new to Back Track or Linux read this thread.

    why, how, what, question, does it work, nerg a nerg. explosi@n

    Ok, now i say hello!

    you guys sound like you get mad at people really fast.
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    well hello, I still can't post here because im a newbie. but yea bt4 really really is the bomb, my drivers are never supported and i just wasted $70 because the site said it supported my card. thanks...
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