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    Without giving away specifics:

    Just to be clear on what some of you are defending, by sticking up for these misunderstood admins.
    -Firewall password is "password"
    -IDS on firewall is off.
    -ACL's are non-existant.
    -IP security...
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    Pentesting Ethics (When is enough, enough?)

    So I worked a temp job at a college help desk for a couple of weeks. During the lulls in calls, I began poking around the campus network. Nothing intrusive, just a few pings and traceroutes at first....
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    What's with the mods post checking?

    So I get it is to weed out spammers, but all they would have to do is post a bunch of non-spam comments, then when they get approved. Edit the posts to whatever they want since they don't have to be...
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    Update: Automated SSLStrip Bash Script

    So i spent some more time on it and came up with something a little better. its ugly and could be done in a few less line, but for cut and paste scripting, it works... at least for me(Class C subnets...
  5. at a loss

    copy paste into a text file -> save file -> type "chmod u+x filename" in konsole -> type "./filename"

    im new to linux/bash, no idea why you're getting those errors. if anybody else could try and...
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    Automated SSLStrip Bash Scripting Help

    Can't post anywhere else here so...
    I'm writing a bash script to automate sslstrip, cuz im lazy. so far it works fine u just have to type in target ip. I'm trying to figure out how to get a list of...
  7. automated sslstrip

    im writing a quick bash script to automate this, cuz im lazy and stuff. pretty much cut and paste scripting, but it checks if the ip is able to be reached and autofills everything but the target ip....
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