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    Re: I cannot boot windows. Did I destroy it?

    If you only deleted the partition and didn't install BT or something afterward, then you still might be able to recover all your data. I'd boot up in a recovery disc with partition recovery software...
  2. Cowpatty, virtual machine, and a dictionary file not being found

    I think this is the correct forum to post this in, from the rules description. Sorry if it isn't.

    Here's the issue. I was playing around with pyrit and cowpatty trying to get WPA dictionary...
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    Posting a VirtualBox drive image for download

    Had a thought a little while ago. I've noticed a lot of people having trouble installing BT4 to a VirtualBox hard drive. Would there be any licensing/copyright/whatever issue with me (or a more...
  4. Is the rtl8187 driver in BT4 the stock Linux kernel driver, or is it modified?

    Theres just a few tools in BT4 that I really use much, one of which is a wireless tool. My computer dual boots Debian and Win7, so I was thinking I'd just install the tools I use into my Debian side...
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    Wireless card driver

    I use an ALFA AWUS036H which is perfectly compatible with BT3 (haven't used it with 4 yet). As a regular operating system on my laptop I use Debian. I'm not sure how to check driver names in Debian,...
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