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  1. Discussioni: Unetbootin

    by Nivek1834

    Re: Unetbootin

    Yeah, while I have never seen that particular error, I've had some ridiculous problems with Unetbootin in the past. It would be prudent to check the md5sum of the download -- as others have...
  2. [How-To] Installing East Asian Language Support and Input (Chinese + Korean)

    Just as foreign languages are useful in everyday life, so too are they useful in pentesting and researching methods online; admittedly, some of the best information I have gotten on programming,...
  3. Re: Ettercap script that workt in BT4 is not getting passwords in BT5

    Great job man, you just saved me a ton of time in using sslstrip, ettercap, etc... Thanks again, I appreciate it
  4. Replies

    Re: Acer Aspire AS5742-6638 Bluetooth not working

    bah, I wouldn't waste your time. I actually have an Acer Aspire One netbook (not sure of the exact product number) but the internal bluetooth is not supported -- which, don't get me wrong has been a...
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