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    Way around server side header checking?

    I've been experimenting with ettercap, sslstrip, and privoxy as an intercepting proxy to alter code in a page before it's sent to the browser. Using privoxy filters I'm able to work around some of...
  2. Re: howto - rtl8187 backtrack r1 monitor mode - Unknown error 132

    I'm not using vmware.. but when I blacklist rtl8187 and use r8187 I get "bad password" when connecting to my WPA2 network via WICD. WICD also recognizes the network as "WEP" instead of WPA2 when...
  3. Re: NEW SCRIPT Capturing Passwords With sslstrip

    Just wanted to say thanks for the script and help on irc killa. Your hint lead me to a bunch of possible solutions. One of which is taken straight from the ettercap man page. DOH!

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    iptables owner match support

    I have encountered what appears to be a bug with the iptables owner match function on backtrack 4 r1. Actually I guess it's not really a bug because this feature is turned off by default in the...
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    Routing ettercap traffic ipt_owner alternative?


    I've googled for days and haven't found a simple answer to my issue. I am trying to get ettercap filters to work along with SSLstrip while doing an arp poisoning MITM attack. I am able to...
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