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  1. How can I install the drivers for my WLAN on BT3

    I have a Wlan PCMCIA Card from 3Com (3COM 3CRSHPW196), I found in another topic that it's supported by Linux and the drivers I got them o this website from atmelwlandriver, I read the readme file...
  2. Installing WLANCard Drivers on USB running BT3

    I'm running BT3 on a USB-Stick, I have a PCMCIA-WLAN Card (it's a 3COM 3CRSHPW196). I read on a posting a link in which I found that my Wlan-Card is supported and I downloaded the drivers from the...
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    Sticky: Installing a new WLAN-Driver on a USB-Stick

    Hi schamanvirtuel !

    On your posted link I found my WLAN-PCMCIA Card (it's a 3COM 3CRSHPW196) with a supported driver from "Atmel wlan Driver", then I downloaded it from the given website. I'm...
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    Obstacle exceeded !

    First thanks everyone for the really fast replies!
    second I tried by chance before I read the posting of Whitecrow and it worked, I did the same what you wrote Whitecrow thank you !

    For thorin...
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    Installing BT3 on a USB Stick ?

    Hi everyone !
    I'm a new comer to the Backtrack, I've just downloaded the new USB version in order to try it, before I could install on my HD. In the downloaded files (bt3b141207.rar), I found two...
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