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    Re: BT5r1 HDD to SSD migration

    How about if I do a fresh install so I get the proper partitions, format, and Grub install then use a live CD to copy all the files and folders from my original HDD installation, overwriting the new...
  2. Re: Please help with BT5 installation. I've tried everything

    Are you using 32 or 64 bit? I have that problem when running 64 bit even though the checksum verifies and also verifies when the burned DVD is read into a .iso. The 32 bit runs fine 9 out of 10 boot...
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    BT5r1 HDD to SSD migration

    I have a Windows 7/BT5r1 dual boot setup and have just installed an SSD to replace my HDD. I used Paragon Disk Manager to handle the Windows migration and it was absolutely painless and fast--the...
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    Re: [HOW-TO] BT5 Automatically: Login / Startx

    I have tried both methods and neither work for me. I even tried enabling execution bits with "sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local". Any idea what I need to do so I can boot BT5 without having to enter the...
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