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  1. Re: Howto? [2 RTL8187 cards ] - rtl8187 and r8187 mouted in each card

    I'd like to add, that I have tried switching between the mac80211 rtl8781 driver to the ieee80211 r8187 driver, and still no luck, it took a little more time to freeze like 5-7 minutes. I even tried...
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    Gsky gs-30usb - rtl8187l

    Hi, I just bought this card GSKY GS-30USB - chipset RTL8187L, and I have been reading that it works out of the box (but correct me if I'm wrong), in Backtrack 4.
    I can surf the internet, and even...
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    Hello everyone, I am new to Back | Track, and I hope to make a good use of it, to learn, and help another people if it's possible :)

    I'm very excited about Back | Track and I hope being seeing you...
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