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  1. Re: Calling all help with Realtek driver! PLEASE HELP!!!

    RESOLVED! RTL8192se installed and running without problems. If you are having problems with this network card and the make and make install commands aren't working, you need to build a sym link in...
  2. Calling all help with Realtek driver! PLEASE HELP!!!

    I have spent weeks trying to get my Realtek 8192se internal wireless card working with Backtrack 5 and have had no luck. I've tried to install it manually with all sorts of errors, I tried...
  3. Discussioni: Leo, come back!

    by R3P71L3

    Leo, come back!

    Or some other reporting program for professinals using BT5 in pen-tests. The one for CORE Impact is outstanding, it'll record everything that's done, the results on the network just in case someone...
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    Probably the biggest waste of time...but I'm OCD

    I live in America, I'm travelling in Germany right now. I don't have any of my BT5 discs with me and I went through Hell and high water to get BT 4 working with audio and wireless so I was going to...
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