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  1. Driver Ralink RT2571 / RT73 (Wireless USB Intellinet) Unstable, Performance problems

    Just looking for a fast answer

    I read a bit and I found that the performance problem is about the "injection mode" or some other default setup in BackTrack 5r3 that I can find for this USB.

  2. Discussioni: Official hello thread

    by ITGabs

    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    Hello everyone!

    I am a Windows user and a Linux/win administrator more for work that for fun or learn, I installed Linux hundred of times and hate the drivers setup or wifi, 3D part (a lot of time...
  3. Backtrack as a router firewall for security audit in a VMware with a usb wireless

    This is my idea:

    Host OS -> VMware -> Backtrack BT5 32

    Internet BT5 -> USB Wifi Adapter BT5 -> BT5 wifi Bridge with a VMware virtual adapter -> Host OS connected to internet from VMware...
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