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    System baxkup (restore point) on bt 4 ?

    I'm new to the Linux operating system, as every beginner quickly make some mistakes that I can not overcome.I using backtrack 4 r1
    Is it possible to make a system backup (system restore point), as...
  2. Re: Won't work on a VM

    Thanks for replay. I finally got the answer that I looking for few days.I updated the video driver on my operating system,windows 7,but dont work.
    Now that I know the answer, I accept that my...
  3. Re: Ati Driver | Stream sdk 2.2 (Opencl 1.1) | CAL++ | cpyrit_calpp |

    I have instal bt4 r1 vmware image and I have problem with my graphics card.I tray intall this driver,,but no luck.
    I have FireGL V5200 graphics card.The esolution is fine,but refresh rate is 0.This...
  4. Display settings in vmware-HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation

    Today I installed bt 4 r1 on vmware.I installed VMware tools, but I have a problem with the screen resolution.I can not set the walper and the font is to big.Here is the picture.

    Her is myn...
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    Re: WICD error when start !

    Thanks for the the help,I tray srch in the forum,but I cant't find this answer.Secondly, I will investigate more thoroughly before I asked.
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    WICD error when start !

    Yesterday I installed the new version of backtrack 4, previously I used very little BT3.When I start wicd from the menu, it shows me error that you see in the picture.

    In the previous version of...
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