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    Re: Backtrack 5 Booting Problem

    i run bt5 using libvirtd vm and the bt5 gnome iso file and works great but that doesnt help you at all. but in curious did you try building the bt5 flash drive without reserving any persistance space...
  2. need recommendations for low profile video cards for stream and pyrit

    i was very happy using a ati 4870 and getting 20,000 pmk with pyrit and cal+. but my boss took away my workstation and im using a nice ibm rack 1u server as a workstation.

    im happy with the new...
  3. Re: Is support USB WIFI Ralink RT2870 IEEE802.11 B/G/N in BT4 ?

    I bought the same one a week ago on some 1deal site, it was cheap. I did some searching and it looked like the adapter would work fine and was suppose to be pretty good. However now I realized about...
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