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    Re: dualboot backtrack5+windows7 start default windows

    Man i dont know how to solve ur problem, but i offer u a second option... and my way of see it, its a better option

    instead of using Linux boot... u can use Windows boot.

    download and install...
  2. Re: Trouble installing backtrack after it's loaded to usb drive...

    r u booting right? did u pressed enter key to get in grub boot option?

    it is the first option in menu - Live boot (something like that... I dont remember).

    then when the system is loaded (when...
  3. Backtrack 5 R1 - pendrive boot do not pass from Keyboard selection

    I have a 4Gb pendrive and i downloaded BT 5 R1 (32 and 64) KDE, but neither of them its working with me I used UNetbootin and Lili USB creater to create a pendrive boot for 32 and 64.

    They all are...
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