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    Post Exploit Books / Resources / Tutorials?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading a ton of resources on a lot of different aspects to pen testing and security; Exploits, Metasploit, Web App Security, Injection Vulnerabilities, Networking etc etc....
  2. Re: Any LEGAL methods for exploring vulnerabilities outside penlabs?

    Thanks for your well trout out and justified reply sickness. It's a shame, but I can completely understand the reasoning behind it. Its funny, becoming interested in security is like finally being...
  3. Any LEGAL methods for exploring vulnerabilities outside penlabs?

    Hi everyone.

    Firstly clearly I'm a newbie with everything security related, and I figure I'll be straight with you all as to what I'm looking into rather than shitty euphemisms like "I forgot my...
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    AWUS036NHA / AR9271 Issues

    Hi everyone.

    I'm trying to get this Alfa card working. Plenty of irony as I bought this one to hopefully have a more trouble free backtrack experience but alas it doesn't seem so at this stage :)...
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