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    ARP-cache modified but no ARP_spoof!

    Hi there!

    I have this strange issue with ARP-spoofing.. I have two virtual machines (running on Virtual Box) connected via a host-only virtual n/w (dhcp enabled) - The victim is Win XP sp3 while...
  2. Re: Networking auto-stop, buggy Wireshark (fixed), virtual machine networking

    Somebody pleeez help me.. The networking stop issue has become a real pain in the neck... :(:(:mad:

    In the meantime I solved the wireshark problem:

    by doing

    But now apt-get itself is...
  3. Networking auto-stop, buggy Wireshark (fixed), virtual machine networking

    Hi There!

    I'm running BT 5 rc1 (64-bit) KDE on my machine. My ethernet card reads Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) and I use Virtualbox...
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    Re: Restoring firefox bookmarks.

    Got it! :D It seems Firefox takes auto-backups of bookmarks every time something changes. Simply restored it back to the last auto-backup.
    Thanks a ton mate! :D

    Well! I'm sure you guys must...
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    Restoring firefox bookmarks.

    My BT installation crashed during hibernate. On rebooting it showed a zillion dangling references so I ran fsck which lead to a major screw up..

    Amongst other things that I tried, I cleaned the...
  6. Re: Sound doesnt work after waking up from hibernate

    I had a youtube video running from which sound vanished after the wake up. I did alsa reload which returned saying some modules weren't unloaded as firefox was using them.
    So I did alsa force-reload...
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    Re: X11 Screen Resolution Problem

    Well! Its not a "FIX" in the strictest sense of the word.
    But I have seen a lot of people having troubles with screen resolutions in linux / BT (read up a few mails similar to the problem faced by...
  8. Sound doesnt work after waking up from hibernate

    Hi There!

    I usually like to hibernate my PC instead of shutting down and having to restart everything again..

    But here's a problem: the sound doesn't seem to work after waking up from a...
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    X11 Screen Resolution Problem

    I installed BT4-final.
    I realized that my monitor was showing a max resolution of 900x600 while my graphics card actually supported much higher resolutions..
    I tried hunting initially in vain:mad:...
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