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    AW: Metasploit V3.8.0 & MySQL

    I got several other issues about metasploit...

    first of all it is not listed in the menu... this is not the worst thing.
    secondly I got a msf3 folder in &/framework3 . so its $/framework3/msf3...
  2. BT5 KDE Taskbar Bug x86 Intel architecture


    found a bug after installing BT x86 on my laptop.

    After I installed BT5 freshly, I wanted to resize my taskbar. After I did it, I got issues launching the X Server. somehow it seems to take...
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    AW: Wireless card Intel 3945ABG

    How to let the shell show driver details with grep??

    I am using the same card intel 3945ABG and if I start monitor mode and the let aireplay-ng try to test injection... it replies:
  4. AW: I'm a very first beginner to Linux. Should I choose BackTrack to start?

    No! Not really! Since you are a beginner and need to understand the way linux is working as far as the architecture and processes are conserned you should be using a Linux like f.e.: OpenSuSE!
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