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  1. Re: TP-LINK TL-WN422G shows nothing under the list when i keyed in airmon-ng

    Yes you right... You must copy firmware AR9271(50kb) in lib/firmware and install last compat-wireless but you must install only ath9k_htc device in backtrack4. Monitor mode is working but is problem...
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    Airodump-ng Wrong Channel In Mon0 (channel -1)

    I have installed card on chipset ath9k_htc on Backtrack 4R1, but I have problem with channel in mon0 there is all the time is -1. I try type in console : airmon-ng mon0 11, iwconfig mon0 channel...
  3. Tp-link Tl-wn422g V2 Chipset Atheos (ath9k_htc) problem

    Hello! I already bought this card, but I have trouble with run this card. When i type in console "lsusb" then computer is recognize card (atheosusbcard tl-wn422g - ath9k_htc) but when i type in...
  4. Netbook Emachines 350 and the problem with graphics

    Hello, As the topic I have trouble finding the helm of this image into four R1 backtrack like everything it as it should but when you open the console and when I scan the network essid cuts are only...
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