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    Missing core files can't be a good thing...

    I have slowly made progress in trying to install "basket" of all things. Apparently you have to slog through a ton of other installs first and copy-pasta files over to folders that didn't exist...
  2. USB boot problems and a slew of other things preventing me from installing.

    I'm just not having good luck today. I saved the 32 KDE ISO of BT5 to a USB stick and set the boot order so its on top. I did this on 2 of my laptops with no luck. It just skips ahead to Vista on...
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    Re: Backtrack 5 won't boot

    I have a similar problem:

    I saved the Gnome 32 iso to a usb stick and in my Bios I have that USB stick at the very top. When I restart the computer, it still skips over to Windows Vista (on the...
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