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  1. Re: Dual boot BT5R2 + Win7 on UEFI netbook with existing Win7-installation

    Dual Boot XP Backtrack5R3
    How to remove older Backtrack(BT) from XP and reinstall BT5R3 to your harddrive.

    There are always other methods, this is just how we do it quickly as we re-did six(6)...
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    Re: airdrop-ng and pylorcon

    We attempted to install airdrop-ng to Backtrack 5 R3. First the no longer exists. When we finnally got it installed we got a lorcon2 not installed error message. When you go to the read...
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    Re: airdrop-ng and pylorcon

    We use airdrop-ng extensively thru Backtrack 4(BT4) in conjunction with the weaknet WPA phishing attack to socially engineer WPA keys.

    Getting BT5 to run though is not so straight forward....
  4. Re: How to Capture a 4 way WPA handshake and Upload it to a Online WPA Cracker

    This is directed to purehate from whom I gained much guidance, wisdom and clarity.

    In cracking WPA we are working are an intigrated approach which employs both social engineering and remote...
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    Re: Alfa AWUS036H + Backtrack 4 (Need help with drivers)

    First there is no way that I can prove that the power on the AWUS036H is actually set at 30. However I run the following set of commands in a shell script I placed in the /user/bin of a stock...
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