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  1. * Need help with packet injection using ALFA AWUS036H *

    Hi guys,
    I could really use some help here, ive been struggling to understand why im unable to get packet injection to function. I have just bought an ALFA AWUS036H usb wireless adaptor. I...
  2. NETGEAR wg111 v2 .. very temperamental! advice sought..

    Hi guys,
    Ok so i didnt do my research very well and i bought a netgear wg111v2 in order to try out some of the tools on the aircrack suite. I thought i had read that it fully supported...
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    Re: Broadcom 43225 wireless & airmon-ng problem

    Hi Dromar,

    I have also just got a netgear wg111 v2. I have managed to get it to work within backtrack but when i do an injection test on airmon-ng it does not display the ''injection...
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