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    Re: Update drivers for AWUS036NHR on BT5 R3?

    I believe there is currently a bug with reaver that causes to hang while determining if the access point uses WPS

    That could be the issue as I have both AWUS036H and AWUS036NH

    I think the...
  2. Re: Fatal: bogus data in lock file "": "" help please

    unfortunately I must reply to my own post, problem persists.

    actually the only way to boot properly into backtrack 5 at all from cd/flash/or hdd install is to use the acpi=flag

    acpi=off however...
  3. Re: broadcom bc4318 passing injection test but not working????

    I used to try and use a broadcom 4312 with bt4r2, I gave up and bought an intel pro card with N instead.

    Broadcrap, as they are known in linux/bsd forums, have pretty shotty compatibility and even...
  4. Can only boot to HDD install with acpi=off, no wifi afterward

    I know this is a widely discussed topic, using the acpi=off flag in the boot options to get bt5 to boot properly on many different machines. That is fine, however once booted the acpi=off flag makes...
  5. Discussioni: BT5 Alfa AWUS036NH

    by akuj1n

    Re: BT5 Alfa AWUS036NH

    Hey i may have talked to you in IRC, i have both the N and G version of this card and i have the same issue, the N version doesnt work properly in bt5 however the G version does.

    Sorry i got...
  6. Fatal: bogus data in lock file "": "" help please

    I recently bought a new acer laptop to dual boot backtrack 5 and win 7, this works without a problem on my small dell netbook, But when booting to usb, cd, or hard drive install I keep getting this...
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    Re: Metasploit Unleashed Question

    I resolved this by double checking that Default.aspx was still named Default.aspx

    Even though the error states that Default.aspx.cs is not present it was named properly the whole time for me.
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    Re: Basics of gaining access.

    I set up my metasploit unleashed materials on vm and instead of exploiting mssql, which I think is what the point of that box was, I instead stumbled upon ms08_067 and just owned the crap out of it...
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    Re: [Video] Playing With Traffic (Squid)

    I modified a script of yours to do ettercap image filtering using console and it worked great, thanks a bunch g0tm1lk.

    I actually asked in irc the other day if it was possible to host a metaspoit...
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    Ettercap MiTM image replacement SCRIPT

    I cant take credit for this, I simply took one of g0tmi1ks scripts (ssl strip/ettercap/urlsnarf) and whittled it down to a super simple image replacement script. So thanks to g0tmi1ks, so here it...
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    Unable to inject with AWUS036NH properly!?

    I recently ordered an alfa AWUS036NH because of the good reviews and the supposed compatibility with backtrack, however using gerix-wifi-cracker to test and everything is fine until I try the actual...
  12. How to add a startup script to BT4? how to edit rc.local?

    i would like to run the command:

    915resolution 5a 1024 600 24

    automatically before startx everytime I start up, I hear the way to do this is to edit the rc.local file but how would i do to...
  13. Re: Workaround: BT4-r1 lacks 1024x600 Resolution support for Intel Integrated Graphic

    I was able to get this working without updating the intell driver 2010q2/q3 but could you go ahead and explain how to install that driver update as well?
  14. Re: Workaround: BT4-r1 lacks 1024x600 Resolution support for Intel Integrated Graphic

    I am giving this another go after installing r2 and I am having some issues, i have gotten all the way to rebuilding intramfs image but it wont allow me to

    when attempting

    update-initramfs -u...
  15. Re: [Howto] Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01)

    could you give me the command to manually test packet injection in bt4? after re reading this im no so sure that i still have injection, thanks
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    Re: BT4 final doesn't detect NTFS partitions?

    i noticed that in konquerer you have to go to system first then storage media if you are running backtrack off live cd or usb but if you actually install backtrack you can view your other media by...
  17. Re: [Howto] Broadcom BCM4312 802.11b/g [14e4:4315] (rev 01)

    i use bcm 4312 as well and have updated all aspects of my backtrack distro that i know off at least

    but i use spoonwep that i apt-got :cool:

    no issues using spoonwep, and im fairly certain...
  18. Re: Workaround: BT4-r1 lacks 1024x600 Resolution support for Intel Integrated Graphic

    Can anyone verify this works before i go through and try all this, i dont want to waste my day off, know what I mean?

    sorry to re reply

    this issue seems insignificant but it causes...
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    Re: Intel GMA 3150 Resolution Support?

    i am also having this issue on a dell mini im1012, stuck at 800x600 but havent tried the above methods of resolution, from what it sounds like though they wont work.

    intel gma 3150

  20. Backtrack 4 r1, PErsistant usb install, SpoonWEP bugs

    I recently got a persistant usb install going and downloaded the spoonwep/wpa package and installed etc. testing out spoonwep on my network a few times and im getting some weird bugs ( bt3 spoonwep...
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